Dec 3, 2019

Great day at the ranch and it was a beautiful fall day! I love sweater weather so I’m in heaven!! ♥️

Our view of the pasture
Joan checking out the competition
Broken Board Ranch residents coming in for dinner 😍
Viv’s blood orange tree
41 degrees when we got up! We’ve answered the question “why are you leaving South Florida?” more than once…

9 thoughts on “Dec 3, 2019

  1. Well hello there!
    From Costa Maya Mexico where its 82 and sunny!
    Looks beautiful there… say hi to Dan and Viv.
    Have fun, Love from Doug and Roberta


  2. OMG!! Beautiful!! Orange 🍊 tree looks great..I can taste them Lol!! And I’ve been asking myself the same thing as 2 why u left that warm BEAUTIFUL paradise!! Lol!! U guys look great!!


  3. Sent from my iPhone Hey think I figured this out, shut up Steve! Guy’s have safe trip , hit Chicago love to have a beer with you! >>


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