Disaster strikes!

Wander with the Wallins may be taking a brief hiatus. I’m sorry to report that yesterday my phone lost it’s life in a tragic accident. I have dropped it somewhere in the vicinity of 500 times in the past 2 years (which is why I buy the uber expensive cases) but this time, skidding to a halt on top of it and grinding it into the gravel face down with my bike caused fatal injuries. Time of death was 3:30 pm. I knew that bike was trouble! We are stopping at an AT&T store this morning to try to recover everything in the world that I had stored on it, so depending on the outcome, I could be back in business later today…… Stay tuned for updates!!

8 thoughts on “Disaster strikes!

  1. Jewels that not a disaster. With the title of your post. I thought your transmission blew. The trailer fell off the hitch. I can’t wait for the communication devices take a shot in this world and go back to good old film and land lines.

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