Jan 2, 2020

It was a day of errands (getting propane, groceries, taking the bikes in for a tune up, bills, planning and plotting, etc.) so on this slow news day, I thought I’d air my grievances on showering in an RV. Those of you that camp should get it…. 🤔

You have to first remove all the stuff you store in the shower
You do finally get use all the little soaps you’ve been stealing from hotels for years 👍
You must have 2 bars of little soap because inevitably, you will drop the first one and resort to using the auxiliary bar. This is because washing yourself without being able to lift your arms is a tricky and bending over to pick up the soap is NOT an option…..
I have more empathy for Buddy the Elf

Also noteworthy is that unless you’re hooked up to water and sewer, you must do all this quickly so you don’t use up too much water or fill up your grey tank!

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