Jan 10, 2020

Dale came to visit! New friends at the park! Headed to Texas after we get through a crazy storm!! 😳

Steve always finds a way to drag a woman into the picture πŸ™„
A lot of LSU fans at the park…. Only one Clemson!! Saw on the news tickets are like 3K!
Making sure the $4 grill brush is safe…
Muffuletta and a hurricane at Pat O’Briens

4 thoughts on “Jan 10, 2020

  1. Looks sooo fun!! And the Bloody Mary yesterday was mouth watering! Been craving one ever since!! Hope the storm isn’t 2 bad! We getting crazy weather also!!! Have fun n b safe!!

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  2. Great pictures Juls. Love the street lights. How was the park near the French quarter? I want to go back there. It was so much fun.


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