Jan 19, 2020

Driving west through Texas and we can see the terrain and landscape changing. As much as we have enjoyed where we’ve been and what we’ve seen, it’s exciting to see the change! Have a great week!!

We wanted to get closer to our next stop and to relax for the football games, so we stopped in Ft Stockton TX. We took a quick gander in town before going to the RV park. This guy was about it! I’ve seen a lot of pictures of the big lobster in Islamorada and the big musky in Hayward, so I thought I’d share the big road runner!

After checking into the park and finding out we had a problem getting the football games in the rig, we checked for a sports bar to catch some of the early game. As you can imagine, this was quite distressing for some people… 😳
This is behind us. It also looks the same on the sides and in front! Every direction is wide open spaces and it amazes me!

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