Jan 28, 2020

Rode to Tombstone. It’s as cool as it is cheesy!! Found out that the famous gunfight did not actually happen at the O.K. Corral and when first written about was described as the “incident near the O.K. Corral.” 😁

World class beer from “the town too tough to die”
Tombstone was originally called Goose Glats. You can thank me later when you win a trivia game with that fun fact!!
City Hall built in 1882
Recruit for the Broken Board Ranch Percussion band!😂
The badges against the red sashes
The Wyatt Earp gang and their plus one… 🤠
A non-specific, varmint neutral warning ….. Wasn’t sure if we’re watching out for gophers or javelinas!
How could you pass up a haircut from this guy?

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