Jan 4, 2020

OK faithful followers, I am going to probably post just once a week, or whenever we do a day ride or see something cool to share. We are staying here at this park in Mesa for 2 months and I figure you’ll grow weary of pictures of food and drinks and RV park activities pretty fast!!! Steve wants to take two step lessons so I will for sure put that up 🤠

The Cactus Grill. Wearing our badges as instructed!!
See what I mean?? 💤

7 thoughts on “Jan 4, 2020

  1. Lol..busy day running around b4 the snow comes!! So was just getting worried again n them u made my day!! Lol!! Well now I won’t worry…Lol!! Can’t wait 2 see Papa 2steppin…LOVE IT!! U go Steve!! Mite as well go 4 line dancing 2!! U will be hearing all my favorite songs!! Lol!! As much as I love seeing all the food n drinks it just gets my taste buds rolling!! But u guys r having a blast n I am sooo happy 4 you!! Can’t wait 4 ur next post!!

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  2. Relax and enjoy! Thanks for sharing your adventures, thus far. And this Buffalo born and raised girl sees nothing boring about those chicken wings😋

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