April 6, 2020

Hoping this finds everyone well, settling into their new normal, and following the recommendations of the medical experts. Please take care! ♥️

Joan making sure we didn’t leave her behind.. She sat there the whole time we were packing up to make the move from Mesa to Goodyear
Our new RV park in the middle of nowhere. It’s there on the right 😁
There is a prison out here with us in the desert so that’s nice.
Current digs
Stocked up. Well to be honest, it always looks like this!! 😂
Ready for when I have to go grocery shopping
Keeping in touch with my favorite grand babies!
And with all the good things people are doing for one another, there are still jackasses out there. I only wish I was there to see it 😡 You know I would have said something!

9 thoughts on “April 6, 2020

  1. Happy to see you are in a safe place! Key West is like a ghost town. Everyone seems to be doing as told. Hopefully we will be through this soon! Take care and stay healthy!

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  2. We’re leaving Florida this coming Monday April 13th😬 I want to stay longer because We safe in our little Community Park but it’s time to go home. The U.P. Is looking safe and we need to quarantine again for another 14 days when we get there😬 We love keeping up with the both of you on your blog. Miss missed you this year and hope you can stay with us this summer. Our RV park is open at our home in Gladstone😉 Stay safe, 😘 Les and Sandy

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  3. Glad the move went well. Joan is such a cutie. Love the shield, we need them here. People DO NOT abide by the distancing rule. Got to see our babies for about five minutes with mask n rubbed down in sanitizer, I’ll take what I can get…Cant wait til this goes away! Stay safe. XOXO

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