April 13, 2020

Hope everyone is well and keeping busy while at home. One of our favorite things to do is chat with Bennie and JJ via FaceTime. My special girls!! Stay safe all!! We miss everyone and we continue praying for you all. ♥️

Chicken noodle soup to stave off the germs!!
JJ Kiss Lips
Bennie Boo
Easter at Jeanie and Adrian’s. Celebrating while keeping away from each other.
Arizona sunset
I’m intrigued but fear we will be gone before the opening…

7 thoughts on “April 13, 2020

  1. Love seeing your posts! Happy you are well and enjoying life during these weird times. Pastor Steve and church family prayed for your continued safe travels during this past Easter weekend services:) Continued blessings, Nancy and Mel🤗💚🌴

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  2. So good to hear from u n that you are all well!! Sunset is just breathe taking!! Those little Twinnies are 2…lol!!! I’m sure those Hot Wings will keep the germs away 2! Hope u don’t miss it!!
    Glad u are all good n well!!

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