May 10, 2020

Rain, relaxing, FaceTime, big honkin steak. Have a great week everyone! ♥️

This all day
Joan started perking up about 5pm, but was feeling punk all day
The new Frozen – Paw Patrol! Sent the beans costumes and got to watch them open the box and try them on 🥰
Dinner by hubby for Mother’s Day

3 thoughts on “May 10, 2020

  1. Hope Joan is feeling better!!! 😔 The weather was incredibly horrible! Then r Twinnies n daughters totally surprised me with a visit… no hugs or kisses which was sooo heartbreaking but at least I got 2 see them n Ms. Marla…who did not bark at me… my turf now!! Lol!! N loved the Paw Patrol videos!!! They r something else!!!
    N that steak looked AMAZING!!
    Stay safe!! ❤️😷😘

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