June 15, 2020

We’ve had some great weather up here! Enjoying it and our little slice of heaven on earth. Everyone have a great week! We miss you! ♥️ Carry hand sanitizer and use it often!! 🤚

Had our first visitors to the campsite! Thanks for visiting Deb and How! 😍
Nighttime at Wallinworld North
Our campground delivers fresh donuts on the weekend 😋
Enjoying my hibiscus. Some of you may remember the Great Iguana Attack of 2015…. My hibiscus plants in Florida didn’t have a chance because I didn’t know they were like candy to them! 🙄🦎
Albino squirrel! Just this one lone guy hopping around the trees by our site. I guess there used to be a ton of them but the owls could see them so well they were easy prey.

It’s National Dairy month! I know these aren’t dairy cows but they were too cute not to post! 🥰

Our snapping turtle
Our anniversary was the 14th so we went out for a ride. Such beautiful countryside.
Looked like a banging party
Walking home from the shindig
Made a reservation at a supper club for the anniversary dinner. I was a little apprehensive about eating indoors and if they were keeping the tables 6 feet apart… It wasn’t a problem.
The cottonwood tree is shedding that fuzzy stuff. It’s killing Steve’s allergies. The lagoon ended up looking like it had a layer of snow on it. Crazy.
Another picture of our lazy Joan!!

6 thoughts on “June 15, 2020

  1. Whenever you are ready to take a trip to the U.P. Mattonen’s Bed and Breakfast has a room for you. Love keeping up with you on your website😊


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