Dec 15, 2019

Steve is back and our visit to Broken Board Ranch is coming to an end. For now. Looking forward to heading out and seeing the country but will miss so much about this area. For sure, my friend Pandora coming over to say hello every morning! 🐎

The hygiene assembly line in the cell lot bathroom at MCO

Dec 14, 2019

In IL, the girls and Steve and Grandma Gayle met up and had a quick visit. Meanwhile back at the ranch, I read a little bit while enjoying a sunny, breezy 73 degree day! In the evening we went to Danny and Viv’s HOG chapter Christmas party where in a departure from normal – I won two things 👍👍 Looking forward to the return of Mr Wallin later today 🥰

Bennie not feeling it….
We are official wanderers!
Carrie Bradshaw would die first ……

Dec 13, 2019

Mt Dora hosts Art in the Alley once a month and Viv makes necklaces and earrings (which are beautiful, by the way) so we went there for the evening to sell her wares. I am in L♥️VE with this town!! Reminds me of the Hayward WI of my yoot!! Looking forward to Steve getting back Sunday!! It’s going to be in the 80s so he will be thrilled 👍

Mt Dora museum
Viv’s display
Entertainment from the Mt Dora Library Ukulele group. They were so cute I didn’t mind the words being messed up! 🥰
Guest percussionist Danny Rubio
Bought this keychain from an old hippie who had a table in the show. After spending a few minutes with him I found him to be a kindred spirit and could not leave without buying a “Harry original” from him !! He makes things out of stretched out 8 track tape!
His business card if you would like to buy something from him

Dec 12, 2019

Not much news from here in FL. Took the opportunity to rearrange, relocate, and purge. Steve had lunch with his Mom. Driving the Jeep up north is probably not going to be a highlight of the trip for him, but getting that time with Ma was worth it, I’m sure. I’d drive 5000 miles in a blizzard to be able to sit across from my Mom surrounded by Christmas decorations!! Everybody have a wonderful weekend! Weekends in December are always filled with fun things to do! 🎅🏻🌲


Dec 11,2019

Met a baby cow that was born when we got here (on the ranch of friends of Danny and Viv.) Went back to Juniper Spring. Made it to the big spring! Worth the walk.

Baby Lupita 🥰
I love the rings that are made as the spring water “bubbles up”
Crystal clear water
I was addicted to picking up seashells… I traded it for another vice!
People have to be told twice not to approach alligators? And they have to add not to harass it!! 😁

Dec 10, 2019

Steve left to take the Jeep to Chicago. It was a long first day – traffic, rain, snow in the mountains. I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was 82 and sunny here… 🙏 for safe travels today.

Beautiful moon
Danny dumped the ash from the China box and somebody had some fun. I’m glad, because I had NO fun cleaning her up!

Dec 9, 2019

Gorgeous day for a ride. Central Florida is just beautiful. Went to Juniper Springs in the Ocala National Forest and had just enough time there to see I want to go back for more! We didn’t get as far back on the trail to see the “big spring.” It was getting close to dusk and I, for one, did not want to encounter a bear or coyote or panther on an alligator on the path 😳

Lunch at Gator Joe’s on Lake Weir
The small spring. Crystal clear water – it’s like a mirror. That’s the the trees reflecting from the side
“Who’s that tripping over my bridge?”
Whole Lotta Rosie aka HOME
How about this one Susie? ♥️

Dec 8, 2019

Lazy day…. Went to a cowboy church which was really cute. What makes it a cowboy church was my question…. The chapel is actually in the stable of a working ranch, it has a cowboy theme, and the Pastor is a real cowboy. And had been struck by lightning 4 times! We enjoyed his message and the hospitality. Everybody have a good week!