May 11, 2020

Our feathered friends and deliveries

These guys were having fun in the lagoon
Pretty bird and moss! 👍😁
The orioles that hang around are just beautiful! I’m hoping to get some good pictures at some point.
Wood delivery
Mail delivery. Signed and designed by the beans! 🥰🥰

May 10, 2020

Rain, relaxing, FaceTime, big honkin steak. Have a great week everyone! ♥️

This all day
Joan started perking up about 5pm, but was feeling punk all day
The new Frozen – Paw Patrol! Sent the beans costumes and got to watch them open the box and try them on 🥰
Dinner by hubby for Mother’s Day

May 9, 2020

We woke up to COLD! By noon Joan Jett was really sick and we had to take her to the emergency vet an hour away in Madison. She had something intestinal going on and is still not up to par so we are watching her closely…. The campground lent us a truck to take her as we don’t have the Jeep here yet.

That would be ice in Joan’s water bowl on the deck….
Love birch trees
Careful – they tend to dart out in front of you …..
On our way back 😢

May 7, 2020

A week ago it was 105 degrees, here we have a freeze warning! 🥶 What the deuce.

I was taking my newly potted pothos plant down to bring inside – with the freeze warning and all – and it fell out of the hanger and bounced into the lagoon. This is the pot floating away.
At least the cuttings fell on the ground for easy rescue 🙄

May 6, 2020

Springtime!! After living in an area that looks the same pretty much all year round for the last 5 years, I am reminded of what it feels like to watch the sun wake up the trees, grass, and flowers. 🥰

Even the weeds look pretty to me!!
It looks different every day!
Taking a break
Always on break, this one….

May 5, 2020

Getting settled in…. Looking forward to being able to get OUT and settling in the new hood.

Steve taking a break from unpacking and going through all the brochures and stuff we’ve collected along the way
I don’t know what Joan’s doing 🤷‍♀️
Night one (of 3) of the Flower Moon. The last super moon of 2020.
A look at our travels. We lost quite a few places having to alter plans because of stupid coronavirus! We are grateful we are healthy though! 👍♥️

May 3, 2020

The drive through Kansas was so nice! Beautiful spring green pastures for miles and miles with cattle laying around or grazing. It seemed so tranquil and harmonious. Kind of conflicting since I really like to eat beef!

Good morning from Iowa
Awwwwww 🥰
Check out the BMOC on top of the hill!!
This was nice to see! 👍
Crackercamping in Iowa