April 29, 2020

Last few days in the valley of the sun. Took our last ride in AZ for a while. Went to see the old Gillespie Dam out past Buckeye. The West valley is very different from the East! It’s farm land, irrigation systems (no surprise) and cows! Had lunch with the girls, and we had a “fare thee well” dinner with Jeanie and Adrian.

A butt load of garlic! Or onions 🤷‍♀️
The last time the dam washed out was in the 90’s and they didn’t fix it. This is the remnants of the dam.
Truss bridge 1662 feet over the Gila River
This guy’s got to have the best WiFi in the area!
The boys got new buzz cuts
You should see the other guy…

April 28, 2020

Arizona will soon be in our rear view mirror. We are anxious to get back on the road and get sheltered at home in a new place! Being closer to our girls and the rest of our family members for when the restrictions are lifted is at the forefront! 🥰 Aside from a worldwide pandemic that prevented us from actually getting out to the pubs and restaurants and other points of interest, we enjoyed our time in The Grand Canyon State. Being near my sister was awesome. We will definitely be back!

Another emergency tooth extraction but finally out of pain! Thanks Ma and Dad! 🙄 This guy cracked while still in my mouth, and once it was pulled, the doc pulled it apart so I could check out the roots and nerves. He was very excited. I didn’t get as big a thrill… 🤷‍♀️
My attempt to beat the clean and jerk record has to wait
Practicing patience!
My stalkers while I eat!
Lemon tree pilfering
I literally have less than 12 inches to sleep on
JJ serenading her Jammy 🥰

April 20, 2020

Got out on the bike, and me and Jeanie cooked and then dropped off food to Mel and Pat. It’s always nice a nice break to have somebody else’s home cooked meals.😁 That’s about it – everybody’s story. We are leaving Arizona May 1 and going directly to Wisconsin, as we got the official okey dokey to get into our campground!! We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! 😷

On our way to Wickenburg AZ
The wheel is safe. And by the way, it’s got a $200 price tag on it if anybody wants us to go back and get it for them…

Toys and holsters all in one place!👍

I’m thinking more “stuff” then antiques
Scrabble store??
Dude ranch 😁😁
Desert in bloom
This guy pissed somebody off. It has a woman’s feel to it….
I love quirky Tucson! This is a place I would definitely patronize!
Hard to see loved ones and not give hugs and kisses….. 😢
Pinal Airpark – an airplane “boneyard” that used to be a CIA operation. Kind of creepy and cool.
The birds aren’t fooled!! 😂😂
Looks like we will be getting out just in time!! 🔥☀️ Anyone that tells Steve how cold the Midwest still is will get an ass kicking!!!!

April 13, 2020

Hope everyone is well and keeping busy while at home. One of our favorite things to do is chat with Bennie and JJ via FaceTime. My special girls!! Stay safe all!! We miss everyone and we continue praying for you all. ♥️

Chicken noodle soup to stave off the germs!!
JJ Kiss Lips
Bennie Boo
Easter at Jeanie and Adrian’s. Celebrating while keeping away from each other.
Arizona sunset
I’m intrigued but fear we will be gone before the opening…

April 6, 2020

Hoping this finds everyone well, settling into their new normal, and following the recommendations of the medical experts. Please take care! ♥️

Joan making sure we didn’t leave her behind.. She sat there the whole time we were packing up to make the move from Mesa to Goodyear
Our new RV park in the middle of nowhere. It’s there on the right 😁
There is a prison out here with us in the desert so that’s nice.
Current digs
Stocked up. Well to be honest, it always looks like this!! 😂
Ready for when I have to go grocery shopping
Keeping in touch with my favorite grand babies!
And with all the good things people are doing for one another, there are still jackasses out there. I only wish I was there to see it 😡 You know I would have said something!

March 30, 2020

Well people, life has certainly been turned upside down for us all! We are staying at least another month in Arizona. We’re moving closer to Jeanie though, about an hour from here. Mesa is very populated and the new place is much smaller and is kind of in the middle of nowhere in a developing area. Could be a good thing if this disease continues on the current course. Arizona is not locked down yet and we are prepared to do so. We are doing what everyone else is – walking the dog, riding bikes, binging on tv shows and old movies. We are keeping all of our family and friends close in our hearts as we pray fervently for us all!! God bless!!

Steve has juiced about 250 oranges in the last few days for our daily vitamin C intake. Which may or may not have vodka in it. For medicinal purposes.
Joan Jett unaffected by it all
DIY fencing
Mountains and clouds. Something rarely seen on the blog…. 😊

March 24, 2020

Hello! We’ve had a lot of folks checking on us and we appreciate that. We cancelled the travel plans that we had through the first week of May and are trying to figure out what to do. We will probably stay here in Arizona for another month and see what happens with the place in Wisconsin we were planning on staying at for the summer. As of yesterday, they are closed as being a non-essential business but they plan to open their season April 15 on schedule. Of course, that could always change. Arizona is is in the middle of the list for number of cases by state, and where we would be headed towards family and friends (IL, MI) are up in the 5 and 6 spots. We feel we are safer here at this point. We may even end up heading back to Florida if things get worse. Medical experts say they likely will. We are keeping busy around the park here. Nothing is open as far as pools and spas though and might be forced to exercise by walking and biking! 😁 We took Joan out to Canyon Lake to do some fishing Saturday but everybody else had the same thought, and since we weren’t catching anything, we left. People with their groups of 20 were making me nervous…. 😳 Be safe family and friends. We are keeping you in our prayers. ♥️

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. ~ 2 Timothy 1:7

We have been here since February 1 and I just remembered my favorite cookies that you can only get in Phoenix!!
Before the crowds showed up
Still hopeful
Have to get a shot of clouds and mountains in there ….

March 17, 2020

Happy St Patrick’s Day! 🍀 I don’t know what this coronavirus is doing in your neck of the woods, but for us it is throwing a monkey wrench into the travel plans. Not complaining… I think it’s important to follow the advice of the experts. On that note, we are altering our plans and cutting off 4 of our stops and heading to Wisconsin around April 15. One of them was Las Vegas – the first to get 86ed! I’ll continue to check in weekly, but In the meantime, take care of yourselves! Be smart! Stay away from crowds! Wash your hands and don’t touch your face! God bless us all. ♥️

San Tan Flat in Queen Creek. My last real social outing to meet family. I think this is where it really sunk in how stupid it was to be out and about. Continuing to use hand sanitizer and worrying about others not using hand sanitizer made it hit home….
Me, Jeanie, and cousin Marlene
5 stars for atmosphere!
My favorite bologna sandwich from Heidi’s Brooklyn deli
The cacti I’m traveling with are digging the AZ weather!! This guy never bloomed like this in FL!
My silly lass 🥰