October 30, 2020

We are back hone in the Keys and are already hard at work on the house and yard and RV! I had practically nonexistent WiFi for a while so I haven’t posted. Stay healthy! 😷

Movie trivia…. 😁
Guinea Hens on the way into the ranch. They’re like guard fowl!
Back on the Broken Board Ranch.
Spoiled rotten Joan Jett
Pearl of wisdom. I think the signs were for sale…
Out for a bike ride
And a boat ride
We went through this really cool thoroughfare between two lakes and it was like being in the Amazon or something
Gnome addiction
Joan was happy to see DJ
Just pulling in!

October 16, 2020

And they’re off!!

Last Autumn morning in Wisconsin
Wedged in for the ride and stuff still gets tossed around 🙄
Getting out just in time. Snow moving through…
A rafter
Scenes from central Illinois
The Rail Golf Course in Springfield IL (a Harvest Host) was once a 240 acre dairy farm
That didn’t cross my mind

October 12, 2020

I have been asked where last Monday’s post was. Sorry faithful followers! Had a lot going on. We found out we had contact with a COVID + person and we had to be quarantined and tested. The first test was negative and second is being done today. We have been symptom free. 🙏 All this a week before we were leaving Wisconsin to visit family in Michigan and then work our way home! 🙄 We are letting our tenants out of the lease a month early and with this delay in departure, our return trip has been cut short by 6 weeks so it’s straight home to Florida when we pull out around the 17th. Anxious to get home! Stay safe! 😷 Much love! ❤️

Fall farming
The last of the harvest moon about 5:30 am. I forgot to go out earlier and take some pics 😦
Fall color and other stuff…. I’ll spare you having to look at a ton of pictures!
Quarantine drive
Getting ready to pull the boat
Yeah that’s hail
You can get produce and eggs from local farmers at the bar. It costs you a beer. 😁
This was at the orchard so I assume a beehive?
Glad to get these guys and get them mailed….
Packing up
Probably the last picture from our deck until next year…
This girl! I ran inside to grab a few things and Joan Jett sits and waits for me! 🥰
Happy birthday in quarantine dinner for Steve Wallin! ♥️

September 14, 2020

A week at Wallinworld. Stay safe all! 😷♥️

The look of fall on our screen house. I hope we get to see some beautiful fall colors before heading south!
I filled the bird feeders thinking it would last the last 4 weeks, and the finches and songbirds and cardinals went ape crap on it!! This was like 4 days afterward. We walk out and there are sometimes 10 birds eating! 😍
Baraboo WI
After a fabulous burger at a really cool place we found in Baraboo, we were given dessert to drink. Licor 43 with a heavy cream float. 👍We MUST find this stuff!!
Got a hair cut in town at a cute little place for $15! They must have swept the hair over from the old lady next to me….
Miss Jett
I found a Wallin throwback in a book!
People- they’re the WORST Jerry!
Found a bar in Packer country with owners from Illinois!
They play a game, flag football. Everybody’s name is put in a jar. Whenever a flag is thrown, the person gets the GB mug and drinks free until the next flag is thrown. Steve got it halfway through the second quarter and was hoping to have it through halftime…. (that would have been a loser for the bar!)

2 seconds before the end of 2nd quarter a flag is thrown!! I got the mug from him!! Na na na na na!!

September 7, 2020

Hope everyone has an enjoyable Labor Day! Here’s a little of Wallinworld from last week. Have a good week and stay safe 😷 Love to all ♥️

Got out on the scoot for that awesome weather

Knuth Brewery in Ripon 👍
Our new friend Stephanie
Veggie pizza was molto bene! Steve had a Cuban sammy and said it was the best he’s ever had.
Non conformity 👍
Of course
Choices. Condom or crossbow… 🤔
So my thought that we had one rogue mouse was wishful thinking….. This was number 5. 😳
Going to try cotton balls soaked in peppermint as a deterrent. Super jumbo should do it! 😁🤞
The line at Dollar General. I don’t generally shop there, but I was in need of mouseproofing supplies. This is a return visit deterrent!!
Our friend the Blue Heron taking flight. I read they eat mice. My new hero!
I now look at all small animals as potential intruders
Crazy rain last week left a lot of areas flooded
Beans on the Lake Michigan shore ♥️♥️