February 24, 2020

Hello all! Had a good week! Took a side trip to Tucson with Jeanie and went to the Cubs spring training opener! We’ve been in Mesa almost a month and time is flying! Have a great week!!

The wall art of Tucson
Felix and Grandma
A taste of Chicago in Arizona!!
Rooftop at Sloan Park
Water volleyball at the park.
The ball rarely hit the water!! 😂😂
Tucson sunset
Dusk on the mountain

5 thoughts on “February 24, 2020

  1. Hey..good 2 hear from u and see u guys!! Lol!! The scenery is absolutely amazing!! U guys look amazing also!! Felix is getting so big! Just like our lil Twinnies!! How were the Cubbies!!?
    Have a great week!! Look forward 2 your next post!! ❤️😘

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      1. Omg…AWESOME!!! Go CUBS Go!! They kicked ass 2Day!! Lol!! Where u going after Mesa!!?? N absolutely love traveling with u guys!!! Lol!!!

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