Dec 2, 2019

Dropped off some plumeria plants to our friends the Hays in Tampa to babysit. These are special because they are from cousin George Jarke, which he brought back from Hawaii, Stayed in a rest area for the first time. That was interesting. Steve rested – I did not. Will the exhaust from the truck next to us kill me me in my sleep? Will anybody kill us? The running motors. The highway noise. You know – the usual stuff 🙄Onward to the Broken Board Ranch to hang with the Rubios for a spell.

I did
Joan settles in
Can’t decide how to collect a sticker…
Eat a meal or stay overnight. Florida is covered either way …

15 thoughts on “Dec 2, 2019

  1. Jules you must be a Crminal Mind watcher because nothing ever good happens at a rest stop overnight ! Have a fun and all keeps enjoying the journey ❤️🤗

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  2. Lol..that’s what I would b worried about!!! Lol!! Just keep ventilation going!! Lol!! Joan looks sooo comfy!! Sooo adorable!! Well keep on truckin n enjoy!! ❤️😘

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  3. Also, super cute profile photo of you and Steve. Love your hat! Looking good hippies.

    Regarding staying overnight in rest areas, when Matt and I took a 6 week camping trip across the states, I actually felt safe sleeping in the rest area which is shocking because I am a chicken little when it comes to safety; I always felt the truckers would hear me scream, and help us if something should happen. We only stayed at the busy, popular ones.

    What creeped me out more is when we camped in isolated locations, which was not often! Didn’t sleep a wink.

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  4. Hey you two happy ones! What a pleasure it is to follow your travels! Love it. ❤️ On a plane heading home from a trip out west for Thanksgiving visiting my sis and lots of family traveled there. So much fun. Hope to see you two soon! 🤗

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