Dec 28, 2019

Back on line with a LOT less coin!! Steve said killing the phone was accidentally on purpose because I wanted the new iPhone! Dec 27th we hitched a ride from the Amanda and Jason (who run the RV office and are absolute sweethearts) to Dauphin Island. Eh – I wouldn’t rush back there. Not a lot to do but we biked… Got further then the first time!!Friends picked us up and we went for a great seafood lunch and a little tour around Pascagoula. Boondocked at a gator ranch 😁

This was the ONLY picture that uploaded from Dauphin Island before the death. I’m bummed. I had some good pics 🤷‍♀️
Guess who took this picture?😁
👍 We only stopped because Steve’s gears took a crap.
Bear and Dee

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