Jan 5, 2020

Typical Sunday – coffee, church, football, food. Breaking camp and heading 10 miles down Lake Pontchartrain to another stop before we hit the French Quarter.

Joan eyeballing those ducks by the picnic table
All it needs is a caterpillar with a hookah
Going to miss my friends in the morning
More moss…. It’s usually cemetery pictures so be happy it’s just moss! 😁

5 thoughts on “Jan 5, 2020

  1. Happy New Year! Enjoying your great pictures along the way.. Miss you two at church. I had a pleasant surprise when Danny Rubio came in and say with me and JC. Colleen’s been ill since before Christmas. She has c. diff., an intestinal infection brought on by an overload of antibiotics. Recovering at home now, feeling better each day. I am so enjoying your adventures. Praying for your safe travel and happy trails🤗💚


  2. Loved seeing you in NOLA. Was a great time. Love your pictures and adventures. Look forward to seeing you in April. Love you both. Safe travels.

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