Jan 16, 2020

This rain will not quit! 🙄 Looking forward to our extended stay in Arizona where it’s dry!!

Joan Jett’s new kicks. It only took us 6 weeks of wiping dirty wet paws to make a change!
Steve spent a few minutes before dinner “testing the water” down by the river and got a few of these guys. We’re going back first thing this morning to load up. Bluegill is one of my favorite fish!

5 thoughts on “Jan 16, 2020

  1. Rain…☔️…sucks!! We r supposed 2 get snow ❄️ Then turning into rain!! Ugh!! LOVE ur styling boots Joan!!! Enjoy ur fish 🐠!! Have a great day!!

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  2. I love bluefish as well. Do you recall having a fish fry in Hayward with just us kids?

    And that reminds me of you and I taking a small motor boat through some channel between Lost Land Lake and some other lake at such a young age and almost getting stuck! Yikes.


    1. I do remember! We fried the fish in a coffee can with oil! With some kids form Brandt’s? And the thoroughfare between LLL and Teal lake is where that happened. The motor jumped out of the water (I’m sure I did something wrong changing gears or something) and we couldn’t get it back down!


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