Jan 23, 2020

We took a ride on a beautiful backroad from Las Cruces to Hatch. It was mountains and pecan orchards! Hatch is where the real hatch chilis come from and you can get them in everything, including a green chili sundae!

Frost 🥶
All sorts of things to watch for! 😀
Sparky’s in Hatch. World famous green chili cheeseburgers! It did not disappoint.
More from Sparky’s. The inside was just as funky. The American Pickers came here…
Everyone was routed off at a border checkpoint. We stopped, they looked at us, they said to have a good day. 🤷‍♀️
Basilica of San Albino in Mesilla. The original adobe structure was built in 1855. This present structure was dedicated in 1908.
Some of you may remember us talking about a couple we met in the Keys that were traveling in their RV and had been on the road for 2 years at that point. They are theroamingpint as they travel around checking out craft breweries. I followed them for a bit in FB but then stopped. They are across from us in the park!

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