April 20, 2020

Got out on the bike, and me and Jeanie cooked and then dropped off food to Mel and Pat. It’s always nice a nice break to have somebody else’s home cooked meals.😁 That’s about it – everybody’s story. We are leaving Arizona May 1 and going directly to Wisconsin, as we got the official okey dokey to get into our campground!! We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! 😷

On our way to Wickenburg AZ
The wheel is safe. And by the way, it’s got a $200 price tag on it if anybody wants us to go back and get it for them…

Toys and holsters all in one place!👍

I’m thinking more “stuff” then antiques
Scrabble store??
Dude ranch 😁😁
Desert in bloom
This guy pissed somebody off. It has a woman’s feel to it….
I love quirky Tucson! This is a place I would definitely patronize!
Hard to see loved ones and not give hugs and kisses….. 😢
Pinal Airpark – an airplane “boneyard” that used to be a CIA operation. Kind of creepy and cool.
The birds aren’t fooled!! 😂😂
Looks like we will be getting out just in time!! 🔥☀️ Anyone that tells Steve how cold the Midwest still is will get an ass kicking!!!!

2 thoughts on “April 20, 2020

  1. Glad to see you still have your sense of humor through all this!! Feel bad that u can’t enjoy your travels because of the Pandemic but can see you r making the best of it!! Stay safe!

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