June 22, 2020

June is fading fast! We made a quick trip to Chicago so Steve could get the last of his knee injections and Jammy could get a beans fix! Have a good week! Be safe!

Went back to the U pick farm for more asparagus. Big difference in the field!! This is asparagus that went to seed. We managed to get 7.5 pounds without getting bit by field snakes or field mice or whatever field creatures may live where I had to reach into to find the viable stalks….
Cleaning and sorting out the asparagus. I can’t even describe the taste difference of fresh picked! We brought some back to IL for a few people.
We travel as a pack. Or a small gang…
Picked up some decoration for the windshield on the trip 😡
Now that’s a pizza!!
Backgammon, beer, boy time
Girl time with my lady beans
JJ and her boots
Bennie!! The on demand smile!!
Bennie isn’t into ethnic food
Entertained by Marla Hooch (who just turned 12!)
I love the names of OPI nail polish. This is Nessie Plays Hide and Seek 😂😂
Papa got a new drinking vessel for Fathers Day! Unique, one of a kind tumblers Jes makes.
Notyourbasictwinmom on Instagram or Etsy if you’re in the market!!
Last but not least, our friend Maggie Yacko turned 9!!!

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