June 29, 2020

Hello from the land of cheese curds and cow pies!! Here are a few pics from the last week. Everyone be safe! ♥️

Turned on the news this morning and saw Ed! We usually get a local Madison feed but our CBS link gave me Chicago news for a change! 🤷‍♀️
You know you’re in Wisconsin!!
First of our tomatoes. Back to a Midwest growing schedule! In SoFlo the tomatoes are done by now.
Every time we drive past the corn fields by us, I comment on how fast the corn is growing. It’s crazy!
Somebody knows who these pics are for!! 😍
Poked our head in at the American Legion in town. Clarified that YES your $5 ticket gets you all 8 knives!
Rifles and snacks! 👍
Outside the little tchotchke shop in town.
This was the sky as we headed out for a bike ride. No surprise we got drenched…
Not sure if this contraption was that hard to handle or if the guy had too many PBRs at lunch!!
While she looks happy, Joan is ambivalent about being on the water.
The stare down went on for quite a while…
Playing in the dirt
Farm fresh eggs!
We love the scenery here as much as the mountains in Arizona and the waters of the Keys! #blessed

5 thoughts on “June 29, 2020

  1. Love the crop rows….the best part of driving through farm land. Also loves Dot’s pretzels!! If we can wrangle the ‘rona and make is safe to travel, I’ll make my way up.

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