July 6, 2020

Scenes from Wisconsin. Have a good week! Stay safe!! Much love!!! ♥️

Corn check

We love riding these back roads through farm country
A church and a cemetery. Score.
Nobody says you have to keep your woodpile neatly stacked behind the house
Or your garbage pile
There’s these two gravestones all by themselves on a corner in the middle of nowhere. Every time we pass it I think about stopping and checking them out. I am intrigued.
It’s a fake person! Creepy.
Stopped at the American Legion right as Jeanna opened so we could be socially distant.
I love a shorty with my bloody
If you never had Dot’s pretzels – definitely try them! Here they’re all over. We discovered them at the flea market in AZ – the only place out there that had them.
A four lane bowling alley
May 4 – July 4
Relaxing on the job
My beans ♥️

2 thoughts on “July 6, 2020

  1. With al this shit that is going in this country both ofu r doing it the right way.Wisconsin is beautiful this time of year. Also big fan of the beer with my bloody. Just started eating them pretzel this month the best…Stay safe on ur journey


    1. Yeah we’re been very lucky to get out of the hot spots and we’re really trying to stay away from people, crowds, etc. Hope you all are well also! We say only the Wallins can take off to see the country and get caught up in a pandemic and shut down!!! 🙄


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